Monday, January 31, 2011

W E L C O M E ! ^__^


This is my 2nd blog's account..
Well,this account for my E-potfolio,my english subject (BEL120)
Thanks alot to my lovely lecturer Ms.Zue for support me to create my own blog..

Let me solve a little bit about myself. My REAL named given by my sweet dolly parents is Wan Siti Nuraishah Binti Wan Hasnan. I'm extremely known as S H A, and you guyz can call me that’s name for short. Born on 1st DECEMBER 1992. Live for nine teen years old. My weekness is always feel humble at all situation.I always think that I can’t do something or do something wrong in all my work.. I really need someone named FRIENDS to guide me to clear thats feeling in my heart. I was the one of a God's creation's born to be a very shy girl and very sensitive. So,please talk to me softly and nicely. Sometime I can be snobbish person. If u think that's it me..My answered is YES!! I really sorry for that.Actually,I’m not a snobbish person,I’m just too shy and too closed.If u really wanna to be my friends,talk to me first..Don’t be scared,I'm ok..I’m a friendly,caring,loving,funny and open person, if u know me absolutely.. I guess you have no point to feel jealous on me who have nothing to be compared. Please note that Im not beauty like you are, I am just type of an ordinary girl like the other's. I love myself for who I am. Nothing will be changed and no one can changed me. If u wanna to be my friends, never try to changed me n never try to be like me.. Just Be Yourself and accept me who I am... I'm not trying to be the best one because I realize i'm not perfect, but I ever claim it to be. Furthermore none of person in this world are good enough.. but at least I dare to be different... I can be a puzzle which uneasy to be solve. I growth my life by each difficult chapters but all God’s test teach me how’s beautiful life are… Lastly,Only God know me better, definitely you have no right to judge for who I am and what should I do. Just care about yourself! What is on your mind about me??Thats is out of my business.

Yeah,i'm already know that my english is very broken,just shut up because i'm in process to learning english n improve my english....

I will start my entry for BEL 120 subject next entry..
Thank you.hihi ^__^


  1. i love word "CIKECAHMONCET"...

  2. haha..yolah..sgt suka la kamoo :P