Friday, April 15, 2011

Sample of essay from Hakim Ishak's Group

Metrosexual Lifestyle

      Maleness nowadays is an option for almost all men who are living in the 20th century. Most of the men were traditionally born with their “could-not-care-much” about their appearances. With the help of various type of newly invented technologies, a very advance approach by the media stream, it changes those men from care-less to care-more about their appearances. As the matter of fact these neologism are called metrosexuality. Metrosexuality has always been related with homosexuality when it was newly introduced in 1990’s. As the time passes by, metrosexuality has revealed that it gave a lot of advantages in a man’s life.

     One of the benefits of metrosexual lifestyle is, it helps many men to consider more about their skin and it­s healthiness. Some man would rather say that by taking care of their skin is such a waste of time, however many of them have realized the importance of their skin. Thus, nowadays many department stores have provided products for beauty or maintaining appearances for men alongside with the women; therefore it helps them to pick the best products to wear for their skin.

     Secondly metrosexual lifestyle benefits its applicant by telling others, or the society, how good their image is. These kinds of perception ease people around them to communicate, to mix, and to make friends with, as they were like The Apple of an Eye for the people that met those men personally. Hence, it will help them to get a job as their appearances give a lot of positive perception towards their future employer.

    Last but not least about the benefits of metrosexual lifestyle is through the perspective of their personalities. Personality of a person can be reflected as a cover of a book. It will always been judged by the people, and as the result it will determine whether certain activities should be continued or to be stopped right away. Thus, a good personalities shows that a person who has an extra quality for every job that has been done by them, which is particularly perfect.

    In a nutshell metrosexual lifestyle gives a lot of benefits to the people especially men and they will put the lifestyle as their first choice. As the advantages of this lifestyle is totally undeniable. Our society can live much better, prettier then yesterday as the number of men living metrosexually is increasing from time to time. On top of that, this will increase the country’s performances economically, as all the positives values in metrosexual lifestyle give many advantages.

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