Friday, April 15, 2011


  • Prewriting techniques involve warming up your – the student’s – brain, organizing ideas, and setting up a plan before diving straight into writing a composition.
  •  It may take just a little extra time, but you will find that if you practice some prewriting  before every essay you write, your papers will be better written overall, which will in effect give a better overall grade. 
  • Ten or fifteen minutes of extra work may be the difference between a B and an A grade for your paper.
Mind mapping

  • it is one of the quickest ways to organize ideas in a fun manner.
  • Circling ideas and linking the related ones that surround your main idea is a messy way to be organized… which ends up feeling a lot more enjoyable than most homework does.

  • Writing down every idea that is related to your topic in a list form is one of the simplest forms of prewriting, which is called brainstorming.
  •  The great thing about brainstorming is that you can put anything in the list that pops into your head.
Free Writing
  • There is nothing more freeing than knowing you can write whatever you want without worrying about grammar, spelling, structure, or coherence.
  •  That is the joy of free writing – you are free to make mistakes and write whatever you want.
  • The trick is to force yourself to continually keep your pen on the paper and write whatever thought comes to mind, while trying to think of your essay’s subject. 
  •  By reading over your free writing afterwards, you should highlight or underline any ideas you find useful to your essay.

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