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12th January 2011


What is Noun ?

During our class today, Miss Zu asked us, "What is Noun?" Since she already gave us the task to do research over the internet, 2 days before, some of us already prepared for it and I?I'm totally forgot about it! OMG!! How come i improve my english if no effort from me?Ouh yeay! Forget it..My fault. =.= Lets start what happen in class.When Miss Zu asked us,others kept on reading and reading, but none of us really understand the meaning, or the concept of noun, said "Bapak" (Hakim) in his blog..Sorry Kim,Copy n paste :D

Ok,let see what's mean of noun..Noun is names of people,places,plants,things and animal.Honestly i'm totally forgot all of this.I pay none of my attention towards my English teacher since in kindergarden to secondary school..I really hate this subject because i can't to understant it n difinitely can't score it.But now,i'm realize English is very important to nowaday..So now i'm start to 0 and start to love this subject,InsyaAllah..Back to noun..There is an example :


Tania rides her new bicycle through the neigborhood.
Tania - Proper Noun
Rides - Verb
Her - Possesive Pronouns
New - Adjective

Bicycle - Common Noun
Through - Prepositions
the - Article

neigborhood - Common Noun 

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