Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pre-Writing Techniques

17th January 2011

Today Miss Zu asked us, "What is pre-writing techniques?"
As usual answer from us including me > Err.err...(Blur face) < sorry for using a rubbish english,Miss Zu =.=
What happend to excited man?? Also same.. Hehe :)

Miss Zu writing on board :-

Pre-writing Techniques
1. Clustering/Mind-Maping
2. Brain-storming
3. Free-writing technique
4. Quick-writing

Then,my classmate and I is divide by two group.Miss Zu asked us to be brain-storming and write what in mind about > "Do you think the world is a better place today than it was fifty years ago?"

My group get answer : NO(from Miss Zu).And there is the explanation after discussion :

1. Pollution (air,sound,water,etc)
2. Politic discrimination
3. Social problems (baby dumping,sex)
4. Traffic Jam
5. Expensive cost of living
6. Crime and criminals are increasing

Answer : YES

1. it has more freedom
2. more buildings
3. a lot of food sources
4. better structure
5. more sophisticated technology
6. Better education,system

All about pre-writing :

*Topic sentences - Contains topic & controlling idea

Example :
Another way to widen our circle of friends is to treat others with respect
Our circle of friends - Topic

Treat others with respect - controlling idea

*supporting detail - eloborating
*concluding sentence - Hence/As the result

*Conclusion - Summarizing of main idea
 - try to use sinonime words with the thesis statement
  - in conclusion/in a nutshell/ to conclude

Free-Writing technique

Miss Zue asked us to write all things in mind and i done my task early but i'm create noncence..ahaha! >.<

Why i'am a silent girl if lecturer ask me? A lot of idea in my mind,why i can't to explain it? what to do to my blog this night? Noun,introduction,pre-writing? Hakim already started created his turn?

Thats All ^__~

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