Sunday, February 27, 2011


8th February 2011

Today's class my lovely lecturer,misz zue lect us about reading..
How to be a good readers and definitely to prevent waste time concentrate to the only one question which is we don't know the meaning..!

ok,let me show u how to be a good readers! jeng2 :P

What's techniques u will use in exam?
Let me n try to understand each words??
Nonsense la!
We have no time to understand each words dear!
so,i have some tips to u all!! tadaaa~~
continue read la!! aiyoyo!!

In exam we have 2 types of  comprehension,i guess..Errr..Maybe! OMG!! Why i'm totally forgot??
Err.. Forget it..Lets continue..

1. Linear

- usually in essay n pharagraph
-we need to use skimming technique

What is skimming??
  • This is a reading skill employed to obtain the general idea of a text,to find out the writer's point of view and to see how to contents in a passage are arrange.
  • When a text or a passage is too long and we have limited amount of time,we use this reading technique.
  • The speed in which we read is three or  four times faster than the speed of normal reading.
  • when skimming,look for key words and phrases,the headlings or sub-headlings for the general idea of the passage.
  • In short,directly look to main idea and search to it.
2. Non-Linear

-usually in table,graph,chart or point
-we need to use scanning technique.

What is scanning??
  • This is a selective reading skills to locate facts and asnwers to specific questions.
  • To save time you do not read every word on the page.
  • You can scan a timetable,pages of a dictionary,charts,tables etc.

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